There is no such thing as a fake fan

So, you think its cool to have the opinion that the Falcons are trash and Falcons fans are trash and those that don’t feel that the Falcons are trash have to see and read it and hear it every day? Opinion is “fact” for many, because the opinion never changes no matter who is playing on the team. How is that a “positive”?
In 16 games last season Matt Ryan had 35 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, completed 69% of his passes, threw for 4924 yards. His career numbers? 102 victories, 65% completion percentage, 46,720 yards, 295 touchdowns. Do you know Matt has 2 more wins, 4000 more yards passing and better completion percentage than Rogers?
Yet for most, Matt is the worst Falcons quarterback in history, that goes beyond opinion. Defense last year gave up 384 yards a game, 26 points a game, but since it’s Matt, these are “excuses”. Team rushed for 98 yards a game last year (27th in NFL), again, excuses for Matt. Matt has 102 victories as an Atlanta Falcon starter despite never having middle tier defense except for one season, 2017 where they finished 10th, (not the Superbowl year, where the defense gave up 25 points a game, 371 yards a game).
There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, unless it’s the “only” opinion. Definition of a fan is: A fan, or fanatic, sometimes also termed aficionado or supporter, is a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something or somebody, such as a singer or band, a sport or a sports team.
How can you be negative and hate everything about a team and be a “supporter” and “enthusiastic” at the same time? Why not just choose to support the team you think is better, makes better decisions, has more Superbowl wins, has the quarterback you like? You can’t control anything that the team does. So are you really going to “hate” 1 player for 16 years straight? Matt won MVP and people “still” did nothing but talk bad about him.
What will happen when the Falcons do win it all? Are you still going to find something bad to talk about? Julio didn’t catch a touchdown in the game, why did we give him all that money? Matt threw 2 picks. Freeman missed a block. Italian Ice missed a field goal. But they “won” the Superbowl?
Opinion vs Fact. Unfortunately for many, they are one in the same. I say, instead of putting yourself through what is obviously a miserable situation, change team affiliations. You knew the Falcons had never had consecutive winning seasons, you knew they had never won a Superbowl, you knew we haven’t had great coaches, yet you made the decision to be a fan. To complain 365 days about everything all the time, gets tiring, doesn’t it?
Example, I have never liked Alford. I felt with all that athletic ability, he should be a pro-bowl player. He should have 5 or 6 interceptions yearly, top 15 in passes defended, etc. We all know that was not the case. But yet, each Sunday I had to hope he would play well and help the team win. No matter what, I hoped the team would win. I believe each year, that the Falcons have a chance. Last year, I wanted the team to win their final games, not lose them. Players play to win games, not get draft picks. Again, if losing creates winning, where are all the Superbowl rings for the Browns, Lions, Bengals, Bills, Cardinals in the last decade plus?
You’re either a fan or you’re not a fan. There is no such thing as a “fake fan”. Opinion and “hate” are two different things. The reason the city of Atlanta has the “reputation” that it has is that people hate teams when they lose but also “hate” them when they win. One year, the Atlanta Falcons will win it all. How will you feel when it happens???

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