Ashley Mazion has the talent and support to be successful!

It is not easy pursuing something that people fail at every year. But it doesn’t mean that you should not try. Self belief goes a long way. But to risk failing, you have to get started. Ashley recently decided to make her goals related to modeling/acting/music known publicly. Lets find out more about her.
Valdosta Georgia is known as a hotbed for highschool football. In fact, they have more wins than any highschool in the United States. The city is also known for azaleas and has a festival every March. Wild Adventures is a theme and water park with a collection of wild animals. This is where Ashley was born. She actually grew up in Powder Springs, GA. There, she experienced a early life that was not easy. Raised by a single mother, she was the oldest of three girls and one boy. It always seemed that when the other kids did something, Ashley more than once would be the one blamed for anything.┬áHer mother did what she needed to make sure the family had the basics, so having anything “extra” didn’t happen much. It was then that Ashley learned that for things you really want, you have to work for it.
As Ashley grew older, many would tell her that she should consider modeling. Her height, her good looks. But she didn’t get serious about it until after she graduated high school. She was always comfortable in front of the camera. Ashley began attending auditions, going on photoshoots and more. But as many have experienced, life happens. Three beautiful children arrived over a period of time. With her attention towards them, for a time, she put her personal dreams to the side. But she never gave up on them. One of the women that she looks to as an inspiration is Taraji P. Henson, who recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. What Ashley appreciates most about her includes her ability to bring a character to life, her outgoing personality and how she remains true to herself as an individual.
So far in Ashley’s life, graduating from school is her biggest accomplishment. Being an example for her kids, that is very important to her. Finish what you start, that is her mindset. Over the next five years, her plans include owning her own home, modeling and acting full-time, also singing. Ashley will include her children in her travels around the world during her projects, and will provide for her family.
Ashley works very hard, but when she has free time, she spends most of it with her kids, catches up on book reading and reviewing the latest documentary. Her petite frame allows Ashley to eat whatever she wants and she takes advantage, enjoying her favorites, including seafood, barbecue and lemon pepper wings.
Will Ashley finish what she starts? Visit @kween_tingzzz on Instagram to follow Ashley and to keep up with her future projects!
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