Chris Royster has 15 years experience in corporate America with companies such as Aflac, Coca-Cola and T-Mobile. He decided to take his expertise in management, recruiting, sales and customer service and apply them to individuals that wanted to start their own business and eventually to the entertainment industry. He believes that everybody deserves a start, and that it can be “professionally done”.

IMTM started from Innovative Consulting Atlanta, LLC. Initially we consulted for those who wanted to start their own business. Eventually, some wanted to start their own clothing line or record label, thus Innovative Entertainment was created. Down the line, it was suggested that focusing strictly on talent should happen, and so Innovative Model & Talent Management was born.

“We are a talent development and management┬ácompany, not an agency”.

Throughout the years, dozens have made strides that initially they did not believe they could make. They have been helped to create a direction for themselves, maintain that direction, learn how to make determinations on what is good/bad, and realize what their true value is to the market place. Most have increased self confidence, and increased in their skills and abilities as well as realized that they have to acquire the tools necessary to compete.

If you really want it to happen, you’ll work hard and make it happen.

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