C-Ross is a successful artist, now it’s time you find out about him!!


When it comes to opportunity, there are thousands of doors. You just have to be willing to walk through them. When you have talent, you have to make a decision, to let people know about it, or not. There is no in-between. Years ago, C-Ross made the decision that he wanted as many people as possible know that he has something special to share. Let’s learn about him.

Born in Columbus, GA, C-Ross grew up in Atlanta. He had to grow up very quickly, as he lost his father at very young age. His mother now raising the family herself, he made sure he helped out as much as he could.

One thing that helped make things easier with the loss of a parent/husband was family support. C-Ross has a large family, aunts, uncles, and cousins all over the country.
C-Ross was thirteen years old when he began singing. The record label B-Row (Basic Right Over Wrong), gave him his first chance to make an album.
Artists that impacted C-Ross included Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Usher, James Brown, and Sam Cooke. Listening to their music and watching them perform gave him the passion to want to create his own sound and make people enjoy music. That is why he concentrates so much on melody and vocals.
Currently C-Ross has several accomplishments that he is very proud of. His album “Under Construction” is out currently. He has fans learning about his music and proving they know his songs by singing them on Youtube!!!
Over the next five years C-Ross would like to increase his visibility as a producer, developing new artists, and creating new music. A Grammy win would be the pinnacle, as not many have done that.
When not working or making music, C-Ross is very active in sports including basketball and golf. When at home he reads, and yes he plays his favorite video games. He also enjoys studying culture, so he visits museums when he travels. Something that makes him unique, some of his favorite food includes bananas, grapes and pancakes.
C-Ross has no choice but to make his music pursuits successful. His work ethic, attention to detail and talent will make him an artist to watch in 2019 and beyond!!!
Follow C-Ross at www.crossmusiq.com, Instagram @c.rossmusiq, Facebook C-Ross, Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWlbwaSDQg4LnQ-ZnRc-Bbg
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