It’s not a fairy tale, Princess is working towards becoming royalty!

If you go by the name Princess, either you are a part of royalty or you believe that you are. Sometimes, the belief is enough. What makes Princess unique?

She was born in Toledo, Ohio. But she was raised in and around the city of Atlanta, GA. Princess spent much of her time in Conyers, but also Decatur after her grandparents moved from Ohio. Growing up was interesting time, as she viewed herself as a weird nerdy kid. School activities, participating in the different clubs after class, that is what she enjoyed doing. Princess did anything that allowed her to express herself. Family was very important, and despite the fact her parents worked a lot, time was always made for vacations, outings, just having a good time together.

Over the last three years, Princess has embarked on a healthy lifestyle change, and so far she has lost forty five pounds! She is more comfortable and confident with her body because of this. Because of her education as a fashion design major, working in high end retail, love for designing and creating, modeling was the natural transition. Modeling gives her a way to cover all aspects of the fashion industry. Being able to be behind a camera, the hustle and bustle of fashion shows, conveying emotion from an audience walking down the runway, Princess has fallen in love with being a model!

Favorite models that Princess pays attention to include Winnie Harlow, Kendall Jenner and Maria Borges. Admittedly, she is a bit obsessed, following their Instagram accounts incessantly. One of the reasons she gravitates to these models in particular is their ability to be diverse in the clothing they wear. Versatility is an important trait for Princess.

When it comes to what Princess feels is her biggest accomplishment to date, it is not your typical answer. Has nothing to do with her career, or weight loss. For her, being able to accept who she is and love herself unconditionally. As a young African American female in her early twenties, there are days she feels everything is perfect and other days where everything is falling part. Princess has learned to love her when she feels either way.

Over the next five years her goals include eliminating all of her debts (she hates her school loans), establishing herself as a model and also positioning herself within the fashion industry. With the hectic daily schedule, there is not much room for spare time for Princess. But she loves reading, last year reading five books. Dancing is another hobby of hers, and is nice shy about dancing anytime she hears music (even during her first photoshoot).

Just because Princess has worked hard to create a healthy lifestyle, doesn’t mean that she avoids food. What do you think is her favorite? Any kind of cake, lol. Also pasta and anything that has avocado in it. And even though it’s not a food, she is a big fan of iced coffee.

Now that you know a bit more about who Princess is as a person and a talent, what’s next? Support her. She has major plans, strong work ethic and talent. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @princess_shantaniece. Watch her videos from her first shoot below and look forward to her upcoming radio interview on the Women in Business show on IMTM Worldwide Radio!

Listen to her first radio interview!

Behind the scenes of her first photoshoot!

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