From all reports, draft went pretty much as expected. This was not a strong draft by any means, at best, bench fillers. Nothing wrong with that, bench fillers can win you 10 fingers worth of championships.

The Atlanta Hawks are in a dangerous spot. They may or may not sign Joe Johnson. They really don’t have money to go after any big name free agents. We have a new coach, which means new system (all accounts the team really likes Larry Drew and one thing that will change in the system is that there won’t be any “Iso Joe” crap anymore). We still don’t have a true center. Most other teams don’t either, but we’ve never had one since Moses Malone. No, Dikembe, Jon Kontract, and others from years ago do not count. Willis played center, but was really a 4. We’ve never had a true back to the basket, command double teams, center. If we did, Nique would have at least one championship ring.

Over the past few years we’ve seen the Hawks go from worst to back to back semi-final appearances. It’s not a fluke. We have a great team. Jamal made us better. But to keep playin Al at the 5 is catching up to us quick. If we could some how get a 5 that could give some offensive production, move Al to 4 and J Smoove to 3 and put Marvin on the bench, we solve most of our issues.

But then there is Joe. We drafted a forward, traded him for a guard. This kid from Xavier can flat out score. Something we missed when Joe and others get cold. Having an extra shooter off bench would help. Point? Bibby better not start next year. He is not the same, and 5 steps slower. Off the bench tho, definitely can control game and he can still shoot lights out. Teague should start.

Joe Johnson. Twenty-nine years old, he loves Atlanta, forced Phoenix to trade him here, nowhere else. He helped get the team to where it is. This years play-off result really made me mad. Joe’s play cost Woodsen his job. Yes, Woodsen couldnt make his team adjust from letting Orlando hit wide open 3’s, but if Joe had played decent, they could’ve been competitive.

So what happens?? Josh Smith is only 24 and a player everybody knows you have to play. The team won 53 games. If they lose Joe, Jamal takes his spot, and I think they don’t lose much (neither scoring or taking the big shot). It’s the center position that worries me. But there are no real options. We can’t get Bosh, I don’t want Brad Miller. Jermaine Oneal could work if he doesn’t break down after having a good season in Miami.

If we keep Joe, Teague at point, we get a big, the starting line up would be Teague-Joe-Smith-Al-and center. Bibby, Jamal, Marvin and Z coming off the bench. Can we get to the top 3 seeds from being 4th last year? If Lebron leaves Cleveland and The Truth leaves Boston, yes. If those two players stay, but they don’t get much help, yes. Hawks can beat the Celtics as we all know, and they can beat Cleveland too. If we had a 5, we would’ve beat Orlando. Period. Free agency is a week away!!

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