We have DISH at the house, so somehow with all 300 plus channels we have, the package does not include BET, so I didn’t get to see it. However, hours of Twitter and Facebook gave me a blow by blow account. Three things I want to point out.

1. A man should never hit a woman. Unless she has knife or gun and trying to kill you, you can avoid hitting a female. That being said, what support I gave Chris Brown ended with his actions. Yes, people can be given second chances, and many say he has suffered enough (not being able to perform places, radio not playing music, etc). BET decides to award him the privilege of using his amazing skills to honor the memory of Michael Jackson. Thanks to 1CCU PR (link is on my home page), I was able to watch his performance. All I could think was “Michael is really supposed to be out there on stage right now”. Now when the music for “Man in The Mirror” comes on, I figure he was supposed to sing that. Instead, we get an emotional outpouring of emotion, to where Chris can’t sing a note. Now, either he’s broken up over MJ’s death, or he was feeling the hurt of what he did to Ri Ri. Not sure, but I think it was genuine, cause I’ve not seen a performer at an awards show ever do that (at least not that I can recall, not to that extent). If anything, making this his “comeback” puts him in a dangerous position. He can’t mess up again, ever, ever, ever again. Dude can dance tho, brought back Apollo memories.

2. Michael Jackson at 50 years old could still do everything he was doing at 25, which is sick. I’m sure all who watched Brown’s tribute had thoughts pass through their minds of all the music, videos, interviews, that you’ve seen Michael in over the years. From the Jackson 5 to his solo career, he is still the best at putting words on paper that mean something and being able to make people feel it visually. Irks me that we didn’t get to enjoy his second half of his life. Yes, the music is there and we’ll hear it as the years pass, but just like Tupac and Biggie, isn’t quite the same. And if anything the one thing that you always had to give Mike credit for, he didn’t have to talk about sex in every song to sell a record. We can say “thats what the audience wants”, but at the same time, if you give them an alternative, they’ll take it, especially if you’re talented! Everybody can’t have a baby making song! That’s why half of our society is messed up. Kids having kids. (sorry, soapbox moment).

3. Prince. I saw a pic in Jet Magazine recently. I swear he was porcelain. Now really, how can anybody be surprised about his wardrobe after “Purple Rain”, but apparently he went all out tonight. Still, he is one of the best vocalists out there and also arranging a song. It’s about time he received a lifetime achievement award. Again, another all around performer. Both he and Michael took a bit from James Brown, and made it their own.

But the comment that made my night (for I was working on a proposal and submissions during the show) was a comment I saw on Twitter. Now me personally, I feel one of the funniest comedic skits ever was from the Chappelle show, where Charlie Murphy told a story about he and his friends went to a party at Prince’s house. I’m guessing that during the awards show, they kept showing footage back stage. One of the tweets was, “Prince is REALLY backstage like “This bores me, anybody up for a game of basketball”.

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