In a about an hour TEAM USA will be playing to get into the next round of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Expectations are high after the last game. There is a lot riding on the game. The continued growth of MLS here in the states shows that interest is here, but a trip the the final four would ensure that young kids will always consider “futbol” as a choice other than football, baseball or basketball. A friend of mine (who didnt like Dominique Wilkins) said he would respect Nique if he played soccer. In soccer you have to be in ultimate shape, playing two 45 minute halves. There are no time outs, commercial breaks, not many substitutions. The playing field is bigger than NFL football fields, NBA basketball courts and MLB baseball fields. Many say they don’t like soccer because of the low scoring. Well, just like the other sports, there are aspects other than scoring that make the game what it is. In soccer, ball control, sheer athleticism in one player out dueling another, shots on goal, goal keeping, continuous action, makes soccer a true “World Wide” sport and why so much money is involved.

I’ll be watching today’s game. Part of enjoying a sport is having a team to root for. I enjoy competition, and it should be a very entertaining game.

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