I don’t get out much. So when I was “told” that I was going to go out a few Thursday’s ago, I welcomed the opportunity. One, cause nobody has invited me anywhere, and two I was due to go out. Haven’t really did anything since I moved from Atlanta last year.

The plan was for Tia, Jaysalee and Calinda to take me to this place called Pearl. I invited Beatrice Jean and Jerika Lynn to go with me. Plus, I knew Christa Elise was going to be in town and also coming to Pearl so I really wanted to get out. There was a dual purpose tho, I’m looking for venue’s for an event I’ve put together. But still, I wanted to have a nice time, so I was not really trying to “work” this night.

First thing was announced that it was an “all white” party. Of course I don’t have anything white. Still planned on going, I didn’t care about that as long as they let me in. So everybody gets coordinated and has confirmed they’re going. At last moment, Jerika wasn’t able to attend. I really wanted her to come, cause I wanted to see her moves on the dance floor (I see them all the time, but in the actual environment of a club and music would’ve been cool).

We arrive at the spot, get inside and I start looking around. First observation was the size. Definitely a lounge. But it looked decent. Wasn’t trying to compare it to places in Atlanta. Walked around a short bit, then went to the VIP section. From there I could get a good view of the entire place.

O, before I forget. The ladies all looked spectacular. Now I have an idea of what the girls look like when they “go out”. Tia, Jaysalee and Calinda were wearing their white outfits and all stood out. Beatrice Jean had a really sexy black dress.

Time passes and I have a few drinks. Later, Christa Elise arrives and I get to catch up with her for a short bit. She also has on white and has the “rock star” thing going for her. Jasmin of Jasmin Design & Photography was also in town, so we were able to get a few pics in.

Here is one of myself and Calinda..

As night progresses I just sit back and chill to see if I really want to throw an event at the location. It seems the people there had a good time. If anything I know they don’t water down the drinks there:) I will have to ease into going out on a regular basis, but on a scale of 1-10, I give my first night out in Fort Myers a 7. More to come!!

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