Amaryllis is growing from shoot to shoot

One of the things that Amaryllis says regularly is that she wants to try different things. We constantly talked about shoot ideas, knowing she had another photo shoot with Jasmin Design & Photography coming up. There was one particular look that I wanted to try, but because we didn’t have everything, decided on not doing it. But we had two other looks ready, accessories picked out, so we were covered.

The day of the shoot however, it starts pouring rain. The shoot wasn’t until late afternoon, so I hoped it would die down some. But I wasn’t looking to cancel it and even Jasmin had already hit us up regarding shooting in places the rain wouldn’t affect us too much. By the time we arrived at our meetup point, there was a light drizzle, but nothing to prevent us from shooting. Since Amaryllis arrived in her first outfit, we immediately got started.

Everything looks different when its wet, so there were several environments to choose from. We took a few shots around the park, then proceeded to walk to historic downtown Fort Myers. Here, Jasmin did a great job eyeing particular backgrounds.
< After completely the first look, Amaryllis had to change into her swimsuit. Jasmin suggested the business we had just shot in front of. I also entered, for it was a bar that was decently full. Jasmin began showing me a few of the pictures from the shoot, then left to look at other locations. After Amaryllis comes out, she tells me some guy had walked in the bathroom!! It happend when I was talking with Jasmin. Some crazy, stupid people out here, which is why I waited inside the place till she came out. After changing, we started walking towards the dock where several boats were sitting.

Amaryllis didn’t want to shoot at the beach again, which is why the downtown and pier area was chosen.

After leaving the pier, we walked back to the historic area. Tho it wasn’t raining at this point, weather still had its affects.

The rain did kick back up eventually, so we picked one more spot to shoot at. There were a few poses I wanted to try and Amaryllis did a great job in portraying what I was looking for. We stopped to look at pics one more time before leaving.

Currently Amaryllis is taking summer school classes and she is working. But she makes time for what she wants to do. She constantly is practicing poses and facial expressions, looking through different magazines and looking up things online. Amaryllis contacts me frequently to ask questions or to discuss ideas. Recently she was given information for a movie role, and she’s working on the video submission which entails reading from a script (her first time doing so). She is another hardworking talent with IMTM that is making her dreams come true.

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