2010 IS THE YEAR!!

So for the HAWKS, the free agent season is pretty much done. Joe Johnson has re-signed for 6 years at $119 million. We have all the starters returning from last year. The draft gave us some extra help on the bench. Switching Teague to starter and Bibby to the bench will be huge. But something I wasn’t expecting, Hawks are interested in signing Shaq….. Well, he is 38, still overweight, and nowhere near what you used to be just 5 years ago. But, he’s the biggest 7’0 center in the game and nobody can move him. When playing well, he still demands a double team. My thing, they are not thinking about moving Al to the 4, so why carry 3 centers? I’m not saying start Shaq necessarily, but shoot, see what he can do!! Shaq at 5, Al at 4 and Smith at 3 with Joe coming back makes them a strong threat in the East. With Jamal, Bibby and others coming off the bench, I can see us getting the Eastern Conference Finals.

What happens is all dependent on what Lebron and Wade end up doing. Amare is now in New York. Still don’t know about Bosh, (he might get stuck in Toronto). Paul is back with the Celtics, but don’t know if Ray is staying.

If anything, this maybe the best offseason the Hawks have ever had and that’s saying something. The last few years have seen the Hawks go from 13 wins to back to back semi-final appearances. New coach Larry Drew, Joe set to finish his career here, Josh peaking, sky is the limit over the next few years. I’ve been a Hawks fan since 1986. We are freaking due.

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