A funny thing happend on the way to Miami

No we didn’t hit another bird…I had interviewed for a job the previous Friday and scheduled to meet Wednesday morning with the Director and also the Vice President. As we are driving, I get an email stating that I was no longer a candidate for the position. Now knowing what my conversations with the company were on Friday, and for the fact we were halfway to Miami, the natural reaction occurred. Ya’ll know “The Hulk”. I told Adam, “I know you don’t know me, but they shouldn’t make me angry, they won’t like me when I’m angry”. I get on the phone and tell them about the email. First, I was told I wasn’t on the schedule to meet with the Director, which I had to do everything not to blow up. After being put on hold, I was told to disregard the email and that it was a mistake and I was indeed on the schedule and they’re expecting me.

As this was happening, half of Florida State Patrol was conducting a man hunt. Both sides of Alligator Alley had cars and troopers out and looking in the woods and watching cars pass by….

Unfortunately, I have to go back to Miami again. I had a great interview with the Director, but she didn’t know the President of the company was in town, and ended up taking the Vice President away from location. She tried for an hour to break her away, but it didn’t happen. But she liked me.

After that i went apartment hunting. Using the GPS we headed out. As the GPS says, “Your location is on the right”, I’m doing double takes at my phone and the “on the right”. Then I was shown the street level view to confirm it was the right spot. Um, I will not be staying at “Crack Haven”.

The second spot however was very nice. Here is a pic from one of the apartments.

It’s in downtown Miami. With it being 15 minutes away from where I’d work, in downtown, America Airlines Area right across the street and South Beach not 15 minutes away, it would be an ideal place to reside.

But getting to the place was an adventure in itself. GPS took us in a big circle, and then we get to this drawbridge. I joked, “Somehow this place is probably going to be under the bridge and I’ll be living next to a troll”. After we go over the bridge, we are taken into a circle again and sure enough, we end up traveling under the bridge. The spot is right on Miami River, lol. Anyway, it was funny at the time….

On the way back, state patrol was still conducting the man hunt, this time with a helicopter!! Traffic was backed up “rubberneckers”. It was crazy. I’m sure I’ll be in Miami again very soon with more stories.

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