Looking for a new “vision” for your upcoming projects? Dominic is your best option!

Ingenuity, forward thinking, daring. These are just a few words that describe writer/director Dominic Johnson.

Dominic was born and raised an only child in a small town called Bromsgrove in Worcestershire, England. His immediate family is fairly small, his mother an only child and his father having a brother and two sisters. Dominic was avid gamer as a kid, having to be literally dragged outside to do something else. All of his friends were all hooked on what in America was called the Genesis game console. In retrospect, Dominic says he was most attracted to video games because they were the only thing that could keep pace with his vivid imagination. He stopped gaming just before high school, which meant that he pretty much missed out on the whole PlayStation phenomenon. It was mutually decided (parents) that his time would be better spent improving his grades. At first Dominic was annoyed at suddenly having kinds of free time and not knowing what to do with it. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, a true turning point in his life. After some misguided attempts at using his imagination and quick mouth to cause trouble, the Expressive Arts teacher encouraged him to put it to better use and he eventually wrote and directed a play called The Neighbours. The play was about the then-new discussion regarding the possible legalization of Class A drugs, which ran for three performances and actually turned out to be quite popular.

However, Dominic didn’t do much to capitalize on this, and in college he used the lingering notoriety mostly as a way of picking up girls. At first he studied Business and “Partying”, doing significantly better in the latter than the former. It was also his work in the latter that produced a meeting in front of the guidance counselor. After frequent visits, she suggested that he enroll in the Film & Media course. So, his initial involvement with film was purely accidental. After a viewing of Citizen Kane, as has been the case with so many other directors before him, Dominic gained a whole new appreciation for the medium and its possibilities. It dawned on him that he could possibly do some interesting work.

“First Person Singular”

Currently based in London, this talented young man is searching for new opportunities to work on projects in Los Angeles and New York. With several projects under his belt, he is ready to undertake the responsibility of a major project. He is currently working on a commercial in London and soon will be scouting locations for a film project in Los Angeles.

Visit his website at www.dominicjohnson.net. Email imtmworldwide@gmail.com to inquire about availability and budgets.

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