The results of hard work and sacrifice? A movie premiere! Beatrice Jean in “Checkmate”.

She wasn’t paid for the role. Nobody paid for her plane ticket. She practiced her lines over and over again. She made it happen. Now she is about to be rewarded by attending her first film premiere. She has one of the principal roles, “Vikki”.

Check Mate is a story about an urban chess tournament, where the grand prize is 10 million dollars and how the people in the tournament are effected and what some are willing to do to “win it all”. It is another production from Prime Factor Films (

Get a sneak preview by watching the video “SHE”.

This was a special experience for Beatrice, it being her first film. Here are a few behind the scenes videos from a couple of days of shooting…

The “Checkmate” premiere will take place on Friday, August 12, 2011 at 7:30pm at the Plaza Theatre at 1049 Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta. If you’ve been following Beatrice Jean, this will be a great time to truly support her!!!

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