Flying Without Wingz will #Activate!! on August 11th!!

Mild mannered Carissa Anderson and Vernon Carter are hard working young citizens who during the day, are very quiet and unassuming. IF YOU BELIEVE THAT, OBVIOUSLY YOU’VE NEVER MET THEM IN PERSON! They are not mild (they do have manners tho) and together they form the very dynamic group Flying Without Wingz!

If you have had the pleasure of enjoying a live show, downloading their music or even communicating with them online, you know how much energy they put into everything. Their only concern is creating an alternative to what you listen to on the daily. They have made it hard to forget them.

As they open for artist JDavey at the Key Club on August 11th, it will be another opportunity to see what this electro/hip hop group brings to the table. Major production, carefully placed lyrics along with an unparalleled stage performance, you truly are missing out on something special.

Other projects they are working on include the animated serious “The Junk Food Kids” and the release of their highly anticipated mixtape “Mechanism”. Make your way to Los Angeles in October for their mixtape release event!

Reserve your ticket today!! They’re only $15. Become a small part of history. Email to purchase your ticket now!!!

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