It’s never too late to begin working on what you want to do, ask Alakan Thomas.

Have you ever heard phrases like, “your window of opportunity is closing”? Or, “you’re not getting any younger”? When an individual tells a friend or family member that they’ve decided to pursue a long time dream or goal, that is usually what a person hears in response. Isn’t that discouraging? Many quit before getting started because of it. But there are thousands of examples who refuse to let obstacles stop them. One such individual is Alakan Thomas.


A true Grady baby, Alakan was born in Atlanta on January 29th. So he will always have a reason to take off a week of work between birthday and the Superbowl. The majority of his childhood took place in metro Atlanta. For a few years he also enjoyed living in the states of Kansas and Colorado.

Alakan was very active as a young man. If there were sports at his school, he played them. He was involved with after school clubs. So making friends was never an issue, never call him shy. Another aspect of his teenage years that he appreciated was the importance of family support. Growing up in a household that had both mother and father along with a sibling, his family was very tight knit. It was something he never took for granted, because many never truly have that in their lives. It’s something that he has instilled in his own family.

It was in elementary school that Alakan first took interest in modeling and acting. If there was a school play, he made sure to get involved. As years passed, he continued participate in school functions and in college, began modeling.
Influences that Alakan credits with how he plans to pursue his talent include actors such as Denzel Washington, Michael B. Jordan and Kofi Siriboe. Also rap artist A$AP Rocky. He looks at the actors because of how they’ve left their mark in the industry thus far, the work they’ve put in to reach their goals. In addition he looks at how A$AP has become a trendsetter, becoming a mainstream model.

On the subject of reaching goals, Alakan has already accomplished important ones.  Becoming a father, graduating college with a degree in Behavior Analysis and Psychology. And making the decision to pursue modeling and acting. Over the next few years Alakan looks to establish himself as a talent that people consistently book. His entrepreneurship will push him to create businesses that will provide generational wealth for his family. But also he would like to operate a non-profit organization to be able to give back to the community.

Truthfully, Alakan doesn’t have much spare time between his secular work, raising a family, and working as a model and actor. But when he is free, he takes the time to read and study various topics. He stays in shape, working out regularly as well as playing football, basketball and other sports. In the end, much of his spare time is spent with his family. You can’t have family time without good food, and it’s something that Alakan enjoys. Some of his favorites include seafood, lasagna, chicken, and a myriad of other dishes.

2018 will be a year that Alakan will make his name known. In addition he will make an impact. And lastly, he will be remembered, someone for younger men to look to as an example of what happens when you work hard towards goals. Make sure to watch his progress by following him on Instagram at @vibrate_elevate or Alakan Thomas on Facebook.



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