Runway to the Streetz Fashion Show 2017


Atlanta is still growing when it comes to the fashion industry. Still known for the music industry and now the television and film industry, fashion is still working on gaining traction as a focal point. But with several artists and television celebrities local to the city releasing fashion lines, Atlanta is getting close to making a huge impression. Recently, one of the main radio stations in Atlanta, Streetz 94.5, put on a fashion show to further prove the point.

The Calm before the Storm. As guests entered Opera Night Club, there was a buzz in the air as people looked for where they wanted to watch the show from. As all waited for the special guests to arrive and be seated, many walked around and networked as well as visiting the bar for a drink or two.


Fashion shows are not easy to organize. And when it’s a large show, you want everything to perfect. So sometimes, you have to add something to give time for things to be ready. So a few guests got a chance to strut their stuff in front of a captive audience before the show started!

The whole team of Streetz 94.5 did a great job hosting the show.



The show featured both male and female clothing designers. This was a bonus, as it gave several an opportunity to show off their abilities such as models, hair stylists, makeup artists, etc. One of the true highlights of the night was the fact that so many of the outfits displayed were items people would actually buy and wear in public, which in most cases, you can’t say that after a fashion show. Some of the designers that were featured included:

Karlie Redd-Merci Boutique

Drama Boy-House of Fresh

Blush-B. Allen

InFashion Menswear

Mycheal Sims

Attom Concept Shop

Pink Zebra

House of Chapple

Ana M Swimwear

And Streetz 94.5’s own Jazzy McBee introduced her own hairline called Jazzy Girls Hair.













A runway show is nothing without models walking the runway!! Here are Merci and House of Fresh giving the audience an idea of what they should be spending money on this year.


Sponsors of this major event included: 1800 Injured, 1800 Tequila, In Fashion Mens Outlet, Industry Makeup Academy, Spring Urban Fest, and After Money Records!

One of the sponsors, 1800 Injured, decided to make the event even more memorable by giving away cash money! When you are successful in business, giving away a few thousand dollars is easy. Take a look.



The Runway to the Streetz Fashion Show was a successful event. Atlanta is growing as a center for the fashion industry. So stay tuned for the next major event in the city!!!!

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