Where did Cheryl A move to pursue her music? A-Town




It’s easy to give up on your dreams isn’t it? Sometimes things get so difficult, you can’t imagine holding on long enough to reach the place you really want to go. That’s why you only have a few very successful people that lead different industries. What are you willing to fight through? Cheryl A recently had to make decisions about her career, lets read about her.

Cheryl was born in Rochester, NY. If you know anything about Rochester, there isn’t much available regarding any aspect of the entertainment industry, especially music. During those times there was a high rate of crime in her neighborhood. She personally lost people because of violent crime, which was traumatic for a young girl growing up. Financial issues in the family also made it difficult to get by on a daily basis. Cheryl says that it was hard to be close to certain family members, many wanted to do their own thing. So she was only close to a few.


As time passed, possibilities to do something that could get her out of Rochester started to be considered. As with most young ladies, Tyra Banks was a woman that most looked up to. Playing dress up, walking down the hallway, modeling was a way to keep her mind off of all the crazy things that would happen weekly. Gabrielle Union was an actress at the time that she enjoyed watching, so television and film also became options for her to look into.


Finally, there came a point where Cheryl felt she could not stay in Rochester and be successful. So she packed up her mother and daughter and moved to Atlanta a few months ago. She has already had a photoshoot, recorded some music and began networking in the city. Over the next five years Cheryl looks forward to getting established as an artist, being able to provide for her daughter, and creating opportunities for those that need help.


When Cheryl has personal time, she concentrates on writing songs, listening to music, spending time with her mother and daughter. Because of a short time of living in Kentucky, she is always on the search of a restaurant that serves great curry chicken. Hard work pays off, and Cheryl is not afraid of pushing the limits of her talent and being successful.

Radio interview http://www.blogtalkradio.com/imtmworldwide/2017/11/24/new-artist-cheryl-a-introduces-herself-to-her-new-city-of-atlanta

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