A new generation of talent, introducing Ami Dee!


Every thirty years, a new generation of talented young people begin to take their place in the world. New artists, actors and actresses, models, directors, etc. In 2017 we have seen several come onto the scene, seemingly out of nowhere. You have one more to pay attention to, her name is Ami Dee.

Ami was born and raised in Decatur, Ga, one of the suburbs of Atlanta. She was raised in the city of Lithonia, a straight shot up Interstate 20. Growing up in a household where she was the only girl, it was only natural that she was daddy’s little girl. This meant she would be naturally be a bit overprotected in a city like Atlanta. So she was left out of things that kids her age might say are normal. But it was also a cultural thing, Senegal being her families home country. Her ethnicity also came into play during her early school years, as she was bullied because of her dark skin. But this was an obstacle she overcame, learning to love the skin she was in. ami5

As a young girl, Ami said that people would regularly tell her mother that she should model. So as she grew older, the idea of modeling grew from just thoughts of doing it to actually trying it. One of the models currently in the industry that she admires is Duckie. Knowing that she has taken advantage of her skin tone and seeing her walk in major fashion shows, being the face of Rihanna’s Fenty makeup line, it’s a true inspiration to her.


To date, Ami’s biggest accomplishment is walking as a model for a celebrity fashion show for one of the popular radio stations in Atlanta. It’s an opportunity she has looked forward to, and plans to show everyone what she can do. Be sure to visit this article again soon, as photos and video will soon be posted.


Within the next five years Ami wants to be visible as the face of major brands, walking in fashion shows around the world. Travel is definitely something that she wants to do, as it would make it easier to visit aunts, uncles and cousins in Senegal.


As a model it would be right to assume that Ami has a regular routine when it comes to working out. She specifically enjoys hiking or anything related to being outside. For her, if she doesn’t work out, she admits she gets lazy and will stay in the bed. Being healthy is important, and recently has chosen grapes as morning ritual.

Ami Dee is the definition of generational talent. She is determined, beautiful and hungry for success. Currently Ami is available for professional opportunities relating to fashion shoots, runway, commercials, television, promotional modeling and film. Email chris@imtmworldwide.com with your information.


Height: 5’9″

Weight: 145 

Dress: 4

Shirt: S/M

Pants: 5

Chest: 34B

Waist: 27″

Hips :35″


94.5 Runway to the Streetz Fashion Show

Metgala- Gucci Mane ft Offset

LightskinKeisha – Weather Video- Lead Model

Lucci ft Greedy – Bad Bitch Getter 

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