Artist, Actress, Model Thina Lowe is a true triple threat!

The term “triple threat” is one that people use to describe someone that has talent in multiple fields. Usually pertaining to the entertainment industry, skills such as singing, dancing, acting, modeling, directing are highlighted. If you are able to master at least 3 of these, you’re labeled as a triple threat.  So, what makes Thina a triple threat???


Thina was born in the city of East Point, Georgia. Yes the same city that you’ve heard of in numerous hip hop songs from Atlanta artists. It’s also home to Tyler Perry Studios.

Fairburn, Georgia was where Thina grew up. It was one of those peaceful, country towns where everybody knew everyone. She was fortunate enough to be raised in a 2 parent household, and there was no lack of love shown to her sister, brothers as well as herself. Have you ever watched “Little House on the Prairie”? Thina truly lived in the country. Neighbors had cows and horses, the streets were dirt roads. A free spirit, she was constantly outside exploring. One of her main hobbies was collecting rocks, sorting by size, shape and color.


Thina began at a very young age when it came to expressing her talents. At the age of two years old her mother placed her in the church choir. As time passed she had the privilege of singing solos, to traveling to other churches and singing and more. She began writing songs, and started performing at local events. At the age of five years old Thina’s mother noticed that she had a great look for modeling, so she enrolled her into John Casablanca’s. Thina’s personality could not go unnoticed, and this separated her from the rest. When she turned seven, Thina wanted to try her hand at acting. Her parents placed her in the Fransouir School of Theater. There she learned technique, how to practice lines and more. Eventually she joined the drama club at school, participated in plays at church and she has been acting ever since.


Who do you think Thina pays attention to in the various entertainment industries? Tyra Banks taught her about the behind the scenes aspects of modeling. As an actress, Halle Berry and Angela Bassett are women that have the attributes that she admires. Their accomplishments, ability to convey emotion, and sustainability are traits she looks to duplicate. For music, artists such as Tamia, Aaliyah, Toni Braxton and Deborah Cox are ladies that inspire her.  

To date, Thina’s biggest accomplishment is graduating college with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, concentrating on TV & Cinema. Education, and the importance of it was something instilled at an early age by her parents. Currently, she is adding to her education by pursuing a Masters in Entertainment Business, and will graduate this year!!


Within the next few years Thina plans to be a household name in music, acting and modeling. But realizing that one of her talents needs to take  precedence, music is her main focus. She is honing her skills, writing new songs and getting ready to perform live on stage in 2018.

Thina loves working out, researching new trends, networking and spending time with loved ones when she has free time. Because personal health is important to her, Thina focuses on healthy eating, salmon, fish and vegetables are her staple diet. But if you ever see her cheat, lobster and steak all day.


2018 is here. Thina is a dynamic personality that is determined to prove who she is as a talent and also as an individual. This is someone that you will become a fan of, stay tuned for her next project coming soon!!!!!

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