What does it mean to be resilient? Find out from Majeedah Giddens


What does it mean to be resilient? Find out from Majeedah Giddens.


Everyone wants to have the perfect life. Where everything they want to do happens exactly how they planned. Live where you want to live, drive what you want to drive, be able to have all the money you need for your family. Never have anything bad happen to your or family or friends. But life isn’t perfect. Does that mean you can’t “make it”? Let’s find out.


Majeedah was born in Los Angeles, California. She grew up in the city of Compton. Yes, the same as Eazy-E, Venus and Serena Williams, Anthony Anderson, Kevin Costner (yes, that’s correct). So odds were in her favor that she would end up successful.


But that would be if she made it out. Because yes, many of the things you’ve heard about Compton are very true. Growing up, Majeedah was surrounded by gang culture. Her daily routine involved avoiding fights, dodging bullets from drive bys, people using drugs. It was a rough way to start a life. Which is why her mother decided to move the family out of California and move to Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Night and day, that was the difference between Chattanooga and Compton. There were rivers, lakes, mountains, peace. Compton made Majeedah tough, instilled a survival instinct in her. But Chattanooga allowed her to have a normal childhood.


While still living in California, her grandmother had an avocado tree in the backyard. Majeedah would collect some, and sell them to her neighbors. This was the first time she thought about having a business of her own. As the years passed, she looked at the achievements of young women, took notes, and started creating her own businesses. Some worked, some didn’t. But what kept her going was the fact that she had two daughters of her own to take care of. Becoming a mother is one of Majeeah’s biggest accomplishments. The other is becoming a licensed Aesthetician.


Majeedah has already started her plans for the next five years. She will be launching her company, Merci Major Brand, in 2018. There will be multiple services and products that she will offer, you will have to wait to see what they all are!!


As you can imagine, building a company, working in her field, it doesn’t give Majeedah a lot of spare time. So when she does, she spends it with her two girls as much as possible, as well as family. She does love food, so she will treat herself every now again, seafood, mexican, everything that tastes good.


Majeedah had a choice, become a product of her immediate environment, or not. She chose to take the bad and create something positive out of it. Majeedah wants to be an inspiration to young women around the world to prove that you really can overcome any obstacle in front of you if you choose to do that. Will you?

To reach Majeedah, contact her on Instagram under @themercimajorbrand.

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