Kadijah helps prove how important freedom of expression is

As a child it’s natural for a parent to want to protect their children. “Don’t touch that, it’s hot!”. “Don’t talk to strangers”. I’m sure you can think of many things you’re parents told you not to do as a kid. However, can a parent be so restrictive that a young person never develops their own identity?


Kadijah was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She doesn’t have many memories of living there, at the age of two her family moved to Detroit, Michigan. Her childhood involved growing up in a place called Hamtramck, Michigan and Atlanta. Reason for this was her parents divorced when she was four years old. Much of her early life involved moving to different places including Alabama and California. Living like this shaped things for Kadijah in many ways. Her father was Muslim an islamic teacher, and was very strict. Her mother as a stay at home mom. Things we would take for granted were frowned on by her parents. Kadijah’s view of the outside world came through television. She had to sneak to watch MTV because music wasn’t allowed in the home.

After her parents divorced, Kadijah lived with her father, which amplied her restrictions. One of the results was her father insisting that she get married although she didn’t want to. So at seventeen years of age, she did. After that, she was determined to find her own path and live a life that suited her.

The first time that Kadijah felt that entertaining was in her future was watching a late-night recording of Janis Joplin. She was performing the song “Ball and Chain” in Monterey, California. To this day she isn’t sure what about the song grasped her soul, at seven years old, she sung for the first time (she was very quiet as a child). Around age twelve, she discovered the Style Network on television. This gave her the first inclination about the modeling world. It wasn’t until she was older before she was able to begin pursuing music and modeling.

Currently, Kadijah is concentrating on a future career in music and modeling. Her artist influences range from Janice Joplin, Pat Benatar, Tina Turner. In fashion, she looks at the uniqueness and presence of Omahyra Mota, it’s timeless.

To date, Kadijah’s largest personal accomplishment is not giving up on herself. For a period of time, she was in a domestic violence situation. This was very difficult for her to deal with. But she did and she wants to help others that have had experiences, to help them talk about it, to create a platform to ensure that women know they have a voice. She wants to prove also that even if a person feels that who they are as a person is being held back or silenced, they an still move forward, progress and grow.

Over the next five years Kadijah wants to create a non profit organization to assist those that have experienced domestic violence. She wants to be successful with her music and other entertainment related endeavors. Now that she resides in Atlanta, Kadijah feels all of these goals will come to fruition.

Staying busy is easy for Kadijah. She writes, paints and she cooks. Thai, Vietnamese, Italian are just a few cuisine’s she knows and right now learning to make mushroom julienne. Athletically inclined, she enjoys hiking, being in nature.

Sometimes you can feel that you are being suppressed, held back, silenced. You should never feel that you can’t express who you are. And you definitely can’t let people hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Kadijah is a tremendous example of pushing through no matter what. Soon you will get to see and hear her as an artist. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @auquasage.


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