If not Matt Ryan, then who???

To this day, there are thousands of people that hate the Atlanta Falcons franchise for not forfeiting all of their games until Michael Vick got out of jail.


What did you want Blank to do after it was clear Vick was going to prison (not jail, prison)? In 13 years Mike Vick was 61-51 (remember after he was released from prison, he played a few more years, and won a Superbowl).

Did you want Blank to go with Vick’s backup? Joey Harrington? Chris Redmon? Byron Leftwich?

You really think Joe Flacco wins the Falcons a Superbowl? You know the defense he had on his team right? he team has only had 1 year where the defense was top 10, 2017. Team gave up 371 yards a game in the Superbowl year. Imagine if Matt had a top 10 defense more than once in his 12 years as a Falcon. Or a quality offensive line (he still has only missed 2 games in his career).

Maybe the Falcons should have drafted John David Booty or Kevin O’connell.

When Matt was up for his first extension, who do the Falcons replace Matt Ryan with? Don’t forget, before Matt, the franchise had never winning seasons in back to back years. 1966 to 2009, that’s 43 years. Bartkowski, Miller, Chandler, Vick didn’t do that. Herbert, Jeff George, Doug Johnson didn’t do it.

When Matt was up for his latest extension, what should have the Falcons done? Trade for who? Replace him with what rookie?



Let’s jump to 9/22/2019.

Eagles are 1-2. Their season is over. A A Ron was 17/29 with 1 touchdown and yes, they won.  Baker was 18/36 with 1 touchdown and 1 interception and didn’t look good at all, but he is better than Matt. Josh Allen went 23/36 1 touchdown, 1 interception. Goff went 24/38 with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Dak has one playoff win so far, but will get a supermax contract. Rogers won a Superbowl, 9 years ago, has not been to playoffs since 2016 (Falcons knocked him out). Cousins (you like that?), what has he done? Brees has had a great career since leaving San Diego, but he will retire soon. Eli has been horrible outside his 2 Superbowls and has been removed twice as the starter in New York.

On Sunday, Matt went 29/34 304 yards 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. Matt didn’t cause the 16 penalties. He couldn’t stop the 300 .passing yards we gave up. He couldn’t put pressure on Jacob (we had 2 players combine for 1 sack).  Matt Ryan didn’t lose the game Sunday.

In 12 years Matt is 103-74, 65% completion percentage for his career, 47644 for his career, 303 touchdowns for his career. Matt is 4-6 in playoffs, 20 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, 67% completion percentage, 100.8 passer rating for his playoff career, and sacked 25 times in the playoffs. The team has only had 1 year where the defense was top 10, 2017. Team gave up 371 yards a game in the Superbowl year. Consider the teams that have not been in the playoffs at all the last 10 years, been to playoffs and not won a playoff game at all. Teams that haven’t been to conference championship at all, still. Haven’t been to the Superbowl, still.

Have you not seen what happens to a franchise when they are not decisive about who the quarterback will be? When they make the wrong decision about the who the leader of the team will be? The Browns have had 10 quarterbacks since Matt has been in the league. Tampa 7, Buffalo 6, Arizona 9, Denver 7, just for a short example.

What are the 5 reasons a team has success over a long period of time? You have an owner that wants success for the team, wants the team to win. We have that. You have to have management make wise decisions over a period of time. For the most part, we have had that, as evidenced by the decade of winning we “have” had. You have to have a good to great coach, which we have not had. You have to have good to great players, which we have. And you have to be healthy. There have been multiple years where injuries have derailed seasons here in Atlanta. The year after the 1998 Superbowl appearance. Last year. Vick gone for the season. Neal twice now.

Imagine that instead of experiencing the 103 wins, 2 NFC Championship games and Superbowl appearance the last 12 years, instead of being viewed as an actual contender in the NFC, we only wont 3 games a year. Would you even be around?

If the only reason you cheer for a team is if they have won a championship, then why do you “say” that you support the Falcons? They don’t have a Superbowl win. And, they may never win one. What are you going to do? What are your options?

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