J Clarke Collection

It was very hot on August 18th. My day started by traveling to Atlanta to attend my first baseball game of the season at Suntrust Park. I did not dress properly for the game, so by the time I left the game early to attend rehearsal for the J Clarke Collection, let’s say I lost 5 pounds easy.  The practice location was Piedmont Park, time 4pm. So I had to leave the baseball game around 3:15 to have a chance to be there on time. Parking was crazy as usual on a Sunday.

After finding Jacquelyn, we waited to see what models would arrive.  Her plan was to concentrate on facial expressions only, as she has a particular concept for her show, and most of the models have never walked a runway before. Also, to get people used to being in front of others in a public place. Can’t get more public than the 10th street entrance of Piedmont Park!!


Lillie was the first model to arrive. Then Joseph. Cathy could not find the dragon and was last. Both Lillie and Joseph were instructed to start practice by being given descriptive words that they would have to try to emphasize just using their eyes and not smile while doing it. Eventually we also started practicing walks, spacing, pace, etc. Cathy’s arrival allowed us to have 3 models walking back and forth, in front of everybody.


By the end of practice everyone was comfortable and with suggestions from myself during the practice and at the end, all left with some homework that they could do at home. Before we left, I pretended to take a photo of everyone, and then….




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