A true Jersey girl, Angelica Marie Shalabi


I’ve only been to New Jersey twice. I’ve seen the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Experienced the skyline of New York from Port of New Jersey. Found out why they call it “the garden state”.  Did you know a good number of talented people were born in New Jersey? Whitney Houston, Jack Nicholson, Queen Latifah to name a few. Well it’s time you learned of a new talent in the industry, Angelica Shalabim.


She was born in Jersey City. Her early life was a mixture of uncertainty and turmoil. Angelica’s father was a drug addict, and her mother suffered constant abuse by him. When her mother married again, the new family moved around quite a bit, living in several cities in New Jersey. Between both families, Angelica was one of 22 brothers and sisters!


Believe it or not, modeling was not something that happened because Angelica was looking for it. She was at a photoshoot supporting someone else, and when a model did not show up, the friend asked if she would fill in. In doing so she realized that modeling was something that came naturally. As she tried different aspects of the entertainment industry she also found out she had a knack for being funny on camera.


Angelica takes anything she chooses to put her time into seriously. She began studying people that inspired her such as model Frieda Pinto. Her natural beauty is something she could appreciate and it’s something she personally makes sure she emphasizes in her shoots. Angelica loves the comedy of Katt Williams, and is eager to show her comedic talents.


Despite being new to the industry, Angelica has a few noted accomplishments. She has appeared in a music video featuring French Montana and Jadakiss, walked in the Latin Expo, worked with several photographers and fashion designers and clothing lines and auditioned for America’s Next Top Model. Over the next 5 years she is looking to have received her bachelors degree and have been the lead actress in a comedy film. She sees herself as being completely focused on starting her own businesses, so marriage or kids won’t be high on Angelica’s priority list. Angelica’s wants to be remembered as someone that influenced not just the entertainment industry, but people in general.

Is Angelica the stereotypical model that doesn’t like to get dirty or break a nail??? Born to be a stunt woman, she races cars, rides motorcycles, ATV’s, jet ski’s, and if you see someone zip lining over the Hudson River, it’s probably her. She especially enjoys water parks and traveling. An avid sports fan, Angelica pays attention to the Boston Celtics, New England Patriots and in baseball, the New York Mets.

Angelica is a perfect mix of Egyptian and Puerto Rican that will not and can not be ignored. She is a woman that you should respect because of her work ethic, confidence and passion to be great. Currently she is available for professional projects involving film, television, commercials, and magazines. Book her by emailing chris@imtmworldwide.com.



Height 5’6

Weight 125 pounds

Bust 36

Waist 24

Hips 34

Hair Black

Eyes Brown

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