The movie “Selfless” is about to appear on screen for the first time! Learn about it!!!


Last year I got a phone call from Majeedah. She told me that someone she knew was about to start filming a movie that he had written, but he had never done it before. She said that she had been asked to be the casting director. So she called me to ask if I would help her. Now, I was smack dab in the middle of organizing a huge event in Atlanta at the time (booking venue, organizing press, guest lists, the logistics of the event itself, music, slideshows, etc). So I really didn’t think I could and especially when she said it was the first film the person had done. But, it was Majeedah and I don’t think I’ve ever actually told her “no I can’t help you” before, so wasn’t going to start now. So that’s how I got involved with casting actors for the movie “Selfless”.


Since then, tremendous work has occurred to ensure that the finished product would be something that people would never forget. On 3/23/2016 the debut of the movie will be in Atlanta, GA. All the cast and crew will attend, as it will be a red carpet affair. One of the things that makes this project so exciting, the number of young people that really made the movie memorable because of their acting. You will truly learn what it means to be “Selfless”.

I’m glad that I was able to be a part of this film.

Listen to some of the cast as they talk about their experiences on my radio show.





Here is the trailer of the film. Watch it, tell others!

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