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Many people do not know much about Sacramento California. First thing many people mention is the basketball team there. Those that love almonds know that millions of pounds are shipped out the city every year. It’s still funny that the average American doesn’t know that Sacramento is the capital of California. Now, the city will be known for another ¬†important fact. It’s the birthplace of Sahara Rene.

Sahara grew up in the small town of Sloughouse, not too far from a place called Elk Grove. Now if these places sound as if they were a bit isolated, you’re right. What made it difficult was fact that there was not much diversity. Going to school was especially hard, because she was one of only 4 kids that were African American. Although she tried, children her age made it impossible to get along.

This meant that Sahara relied on her family for companionship and support over the years. Hers is a close knit group, and she especially appreciates how close she is with her mother and father, who she lovingly calls her “roommates”.

It was around the age of 15 and 16 years old that Sahara decided that modeling was something she was going to pursue seriously. As a young child she always had a “diva” mentality, walking around the house in her mothers clothes, mimicking what she saw on television during various fashion shows. But it wasn’t until she had her first photoshoot that she felt it was a potential career.

Now when it comes to actually modeling, Sahara is still learning. Some of the models she admires include Jasmine Sanders and Ashley Moore. They both have a diverse look and that is something Sahara wants to take advantage of with her unique look.

One of the biggest things that Sahara takes pride in is being able to be called a “model” and it actually have true meaning. She feels so many use the word as a cliche, not taking it serious at all. For her, it’s an art form, so she denounces those that proclaim to have standards but then display themselves in a lewd and crude way. Sahara loves being used as an “original canvas” for clothing designers, photographers and others where the “visual” is most important.

Over the next few years Sahara has simple goals, to be happy and accomplish great things as a talent in the entertainment industry. She is a hard worker, so even when she has spare time, she is doing something productive whether it’s practicing her runway walk, or working out in the gym.

As you review all of the images of Sahara, I’m sure you would never be able to tell how much she enjoys food. Especially sugar, as her indulgences are cookie dough, cake batter and brownie mix, in that order………

Sahara Rene is on the verge of becoming a household name. Be one of the first to book her for your next project!!!!!
























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Height: 5’7
Weight: 115 pounds
Hair: light brown
Eyes: Hazel
Bust: 32B
Waist: 22
Hips: 34
Dress: 0-2
Shoe 8

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