Would you rather have photos or no photos at all?



You want to model. But you are not sure if you can. You’re not confident because you’ve never done it before. You don’t know how to pose. You know nothing about facial expressions. You’ve never had someone else direct you. You don’t have a lot of money. But you want to try.

Just because you feel you don’t have enough money to book a photoshoot for yourself does not mean you should not get a photoshoot. You can get a photoshoot for free. But doing that, you don’t have much control about getting pictures from the shoot, how the images will be used, etc.

Would you like to work with a creative director with years of experience behind the scenes and hundreds of examples of talent that have had accomplishments in the industry? Would you like to gain knowledge that you may not currently have? Would you like help with your confidence?

Besides images you also get a personalized written article and radio interview. Prices begin at $250. Deposit is required UNTIL APRIL 10TH THE PRICE IS $100!!!!!!!

You must pay to have a date and time scheduled. Examples are below. If you wish to book, call now at 7063938426.

























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