Can Natalie Turner become the artist and talent she dreams of being?


Everybody has dreams of doing something important in their lives, right? From a very young age, most tell parents and friends how they are going to “be somebody”. How they are going to invent something, or appear on television, be a superstar actor, have world tours, etc.

Natalie is a young woman with tremendous aspirations. What makes her different from the rest? Let’s find out.

Escondido, CA. That is where Natalie was born. For those that don’t know, it’s a city not far from San Diego. Not long after, her family moved to Georgia. But when she reached the 3rd grade, the family moved back to California, where she grew up. As a young girl Natalie sometimes got into trouble, mostly at school, but sometimes at home. She admits that school wasn’t a priority, which caused a lot of friction at home.


Her family is very large. Natalie’s grandmother had 9 children, and all of them had kids of their own. Family reunions are always interesting, she herself has over fifty cousins.

The first time that Natalie discovered that she wanted to pursue music was seeing music videos of the artist Aaliyah. She loved her outfits, the way she danced, and she wanted to sing like her. Modeling was also an aspect of the entertainment industry she wanted to try. Watching Tyra Banks create a whole show about modeling was very inspirational to her. Creating her own business became a goal for Natalie.


As she is very new, Natalie hasn’t had any accomplishments yet except for one, securing┬ámanagement. Now she has a dedication to move forward with what she wants to do, and peace of mind someone won’t let her forget those things.

Over the next five years, Natalie wants to be established as an artist. She has set high goals for herself regarding the number of albums, number of albums sold (millions), being featured on tracks with other artists, etc. Also, appearing in a few feature films is on her checklist.

Natalie is a working artist. But when she isn’t working, she is honing her singing skills or attending auditions or preparing for photoshoots. An interesting note about Natalie, she loves food. Especially pizza, ice cream, enchiladas and something called a Cali burrito. But you wouldn’t know it to see her, she is always in shape.


To become who you want to be is not easy. You want people to give you a chance, but you also have to be serious about reaching your goals. Natalie is determined to make sure that if anybody does give her a “chance of a lifetime”, that time won’t be wasted.

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