Cecelia Mclaughlin is ready to be a mentor to young models everywhere!!


There are those that spend their whole lives trying to achieve goals that they set for themselves. Some make it, some do not. What happens when you actually do what you imagined? There are those that keep going and add to their success. Others are content and choose to not pursue their dreams anymore, in fact, some just stop and disappear.

What did Cecelia do? As a young girl, her dream was to model in one of the biggest cities in the world, New York. Did she make it? Before giving you an answer, let’s find out more about her.


Birmingham Alabama is where Cecelia was born, Bessemer to be specific. Around the age of three the family moved to the small town of Athens, also in Alabama. This was a town where everybody knows everybody, so there were no secrets, no surprises. As a young girl, she lived through her parents getting divorced and living in a one parent household. They lived in a low income apartment community, her grandmother happened to live right above them. With her mother working, she spent a great amount of time with her grandmother. 

Cecelia had a memorable childhood. Her mother worked very hard to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, providing for all of her needs and wants. Visits with her father allowed her to go bowling, skating, watching movies, shopping, just like any other teenage girl. She learned many important life lessons that molded her into the woman she is now. School was important to Cecelia. She loved to read and to study. Regularly she made A’s and B’s, so much so, when she got her first C, she cried. As she grew, athletics became natural to her, and she joined the basketball and volleyball team and ran track. She graduated high school with an advanced diploma, immediately enrolled in college, and graduate with an Associates degree in Criminal Justice at the age of twenty. 
The very first time Cecelia thought modeling would be something she would want to do was at the age of five years old. Kids enjoy copying what they see on television, so there were many times she would be pretending to walk like a model around the house. She caught the fashion bug, styling herself, doing her own hair (not always successfully). Everything had to match, down to her socks.10379946_663626283712432_3420738298060721201_o

When asked which model she most pays attention to, Cecelia’s response was Gigi Hadid. The fact that she took her modeling serious, then worked hard and was able to start her own fashion line with the Tommy Hilfiger brand is something Cecelia respects a great deal.


Remember reading that Cecelia graduated college at 20? What did she do after that? She moved to New York City. There are several reasons why this was life changing for her. One, coming from a very small place (maybe 30,000 people), to a city with well over 8.5 million….yes, drastic culture shock. She had never traveled before, never flown on a plane, nothing. And, she moved completely by herself. But her dream was to model in New York, and that is what she did! All of the success she has had in both modeling and other pursuits she credits to her relationship with God. She is very spiritual.

The next five years will be important to Cecelia. She isn’t satisfied, doesn’t want to remain status quo. She has accomplished many thing, more than most in a short time. Her ultimate goal came very early in her life. But she sees herself as an example that young women can look up to and follow. Cecelia wants to show that you an be successful in the modeling industry without giving up any of your beliefs and self respect. She wants to be able to instruct up and coming models. But also, she is looking to expand on her personal modeling efforts as well as enter into the acting arena. Whatever her endeavors, Cecelia will be happy with her decisions.


You’re probably thinking that Cecelia is working 25/7 and you would be right. Between her secular employment which she enjoys immensely, modeling, coaching new models, church events (she sings in the church choir), she has little free time. When she does find time to herself, food and wine is her “go to” guilty pleasure. Sushi, seafood, steak to southern cooking to ice cream and cookies, all eaten with no remorse. But does it look like her body minds?


Bo Jackson, Jameis Winston, Gucci Mane, are a few well known people that hail from Bessemer. Soon, you will add Cecelia Mclaughlin’s name to the list. She is just getting started in making her mark in the world!!!!

Cecelia is available for paid opportunities pertaining to fashion, print, commercial, television and film. If you wish to book her, email chris@imtmworldwide.com.


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Height: 5’9
weight: 120
bust: 34
Cup: C
waist: 25
hips: 37
shoe: 7 1/2
skin: fair
hair: blonde
eyes: blue

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