How powerful is choice? Alexis King will show you!


Do you know the main reason people never achieve the goals that they set for themselves? They choose not to. It’s easy to come up with reasons why something didn’t go your way, or something crazy happened or something bad occurred and that was the “thing” that stopped you. But when you think about it, everything that you do involves choice. So how important is “choice”? Let’s find out by reading about Alexis King.

You’re familiar with the phrase “Everything is bigger in Texas”? That did not apply to the birthplace of Alexis, which as a city called Dumas. Population of less than 20,000. There is only one high school. If you drive too fast, you might miss it. Her teen years were spent growing up in another small city, Amarillo. Although it was a bit larger (population of around 200,000), it was still small to her.alexis3

Raised in a middle class home, her life was far from perfect. Alexis is from a large family, but sometimes things happen where you have to leave parts of your family alone. And some were lost in death. As a young girl she was bullied, and thus she moved in and out of schools fairly regularly. By high-school, she had met almost everybody in the city at least once. Things changed senior year, where it seemed that those that had caused her trouble in the past wanted to now befriend her and genuinely like being around her. However, Alexis had already made her mind up that she needed to make a plan to leave Amarillo the first chance she got. She did not want to get stuck there, like other people that she knew.


The world of modeling first came up in the life of Alexis at the age of ten. Didn’t take much. Her aunt was a former model, and she took Alexis to an agency in the city and they signed her! Of course, it’s different when you’re a kid than when you’re a young adult. Alexis watched America’s Next Top Model religiously and she admired Tyra Banks. Through watching the show, she learned about the modeling industry, posing and other aspects that she was not learning from others and never would have figured out on her own. Alexis chose to make modeling a true pursuit. The main reason she looked up to Tyra was her breaking new ground when it came to body types in modeling. Tyra was truly a “Top Model”.


With all that went on in her teenage years, it would have been easy to let it effect her grades. But she made a decision that her education was very important. One of her biggest accomplishments was graduating high-school with a 4.0 GPA. Also, she finished college not long after, moved to Dallas, TX, where she has established herself as a model in the city, all on her own.

Goals that Alexis has over the next five years include modeling on a full-time basis, owning her own business and entering the film/television industry as an actress.


What does Alexis choose to do when she has spare time? She enjoys herself by eating the foods she likes, especially chicken and Chinese food. Bu then has a workout because of her modeling goals. Alexis loves to shop, but keeps prospective by creating vision boards and new ideas to obtain the things she wants.

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Choice is powerful. You can choose to let things bother you, make you settle for less, even have you give up on your personal dreams. Alexis made several choices on her own to progress and do better. And she has been rewarded. But she is not finished! Look for her in future projects in 2017. To book Alexis, email


Height- 5’9″

Weight- 130

Bust- 34

Waist- 24

Hips- 36

Shoe- 8.5


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