Why Atlanta?

Why did that magazine publisher say they were going to print you knowing good and well they were never going to return phone calls or emails?

Why did the casting director never give you all the information? Why didn’t they pay you?

Where did the photographer disappear too? Why can’t you get your images back?

Why can’t the model show up to the audition on time? Why can’t the model show up to the audition at all?

These and other “why’s” are the basis for the show “Why Atlanta?”. There are so many good things that happen in Atlanta, but these are still overshadowed by all of the bad things that happen to nice people. The program will bring industry representatives together and involve them in various discussions about why certain incidents occur in the city. Guests will have opportunity to present themselves to the audience as an alternative as well.

Find out more by emailing your questions to imtmworldwide@gmail.com. Slots are now available for guests and sponsors.

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