Flying Without Wingz travelling around the U.S.

Very soon, Flying Without Wingz will be a complete group again..Meaning, they’ll be in the same zip code. VC will be leaving Grand Rapids, MI and moving to Los Angeles to join Irawniq, who has been living there over the past few months.

As soon as VC touches down however they both will be getting back on a plane to travel to Austin, TX for the SXSW Festival ( This is a huge and long standing event bringing all types of people together from tech buffs to movie hounds. They will be opening for The White House Band (

Other projects that Flying Without Wingz ( are working on includes their new website, new music and a special animation project! The have a great publicist ( and of course the backing of IMTM.

Flying Without Wingz are doing more than just working hard, they making people believe in what they are all about.

Flying Without Wingz are available for upcoming tours, bookings at venues in your city, magazine features and more! Contact for availabilities (EPK available upon request).

Do not be the one that slept on this group!!

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