What’s your opinion? Kavita Channe wants to know!!

People say bad publicity can be good publicity. Politicians can spin almost any bad situation and make it look positive. But why work so hard to make somebody look bad in the first place?

Kavita Channe is a college educated business woman that owns her own “shows” including 1st Down & Dirty, has appeared on network television (ESPN, FOX, TLC), hosted several major celebrity events, and has been the spokesperson for major companies.

So when someone says something to the effect that Kavita is “aiming” for a particular kind of career and that she is a “jersey” chaser and then make mention to how many subscribers she has on her YouTube page, it bears the question “Why feature someone that you obviously don’t care for??”

I say, nothing wrong with lending your opinion, but when you start stating facts, you need to do your research first, because once it posts, it’s there forever, as are the mistakes.

Click here to read article in question. Afterwards, see what conclusions you come up with.

Here are mine:
1.Kavita has an established career that is growing.
2.Kavita doesn’t chase jersey’s, jersey’s chase her (have you seen her??)
3.People don’t subscribe to YouTube channels. They view YouTube channels. So far her 1st Down & Dirty page has 18,951 channel views and 31,383 channel uploads. She has 32,483 that are on her Facebook Fan Page and 26,977 people that follow her on Twitter.
4.Kavita shouldn’t have to apologize for looking good. Would you rather have ugly girls?

At the end of the day, Kavita has a great group of fans that love her work. You’re going to be seeing even more of her as she expands into more sports genre’s, football season approaches, and baseball gets closer to the playoffs.

Visit www.kavitachanne.com to find out everything you should know about this beautiful and talented young woman, (with great cleavage!)

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