Tia Guice proves that you can do anything you put your mind to

I remember meeting Tia a year ago. She was a hardcore student, she was also working a late shift job. That was her routine. Anything else was extra. Because of a model she knew personally that I worked with, she contacted me. We sat and talked and she explained what she had and hadn’t done in pursuit of modeling.

After that, we went about changing her thought processes, attitudes and knowledge. Then we began working on images and presentation. Lastly, we worked on the self awareness of how beautiful she really is and people either can respect it or kick rocks.

Here we are a year later and I’ve seen so much from her. Sophisticates Black Hair Magazine booking her twice in the same year, hosting events in both Florida and Georgia, and now hosting fashion shows. Here is a little break down of what happened over the last few weeks at the 2nd Annual Fashion Designers Showcase and Bronner Brothers.

This was for me the beginning of my relocation from Atlanta to Miami. So after I arrived in Fort Myers, I waited for Tia to get off of work. She picked me up and we went over everything we needed to for the weekend and made sure that both she and her roommate Karina were packed. Then she made us watch a scary movie and we went to sleep.

Next morning we rolled out and headed to Tampa so they could get a little shopping done as well as nails. I shopped with Karina, where she picked out a nice dress for the event. We ate, and kept it moving.

We get close to where our destination was and we knew we were in a different place because Tia just couldn’t get over the farmhouses and cows….

Finally, we arrive at the Mission Inn Resort. It’s stupid hot by this time of the day, so we were all beat.

After showers, naps and a quick trip to liquor store, we got everything together to prep for the actual event. Tia had to get hair and makeup done, so we leave the room (of course we forget her dress) and go to the staging area. Myself and Karina hang out in the VIP holding area for awhile, talk to a few of the early arrivals, take a few pics. After about an hour, Tia comes out looking stunning in her dress provided by celebrity stylist Ms Kippish (http://www.mskippish.com/). Soon, it’s time for Tia to start interviewing guests.

Before the event, Tia and I practiced her interview questions until she was comfortable. So it wasn’t surprising to me that she did an excellent job with all of the guests on the red carpet. With Tia being done with all interviews,

the VIP group is moved to another area, where we get to mingle, participate in a silent auction, nibble on some food and quench thirst on an open bar. I met a neurosurgeon, and he asked me questions about my company and I asked him questions about his Lamborghini (it was Smooth Criminal nice).

Then, we were ushered into the actual place where the fashion show was to take place. As VIP’s we had front row seats. The whole setup was very nice and professional, Bella Faire did a great job of putting everything together. The show starts and each designer displays their work on several models, both male and female.

After all the designers showed what they had, a final winner was selected and the show was over. Tia decides that she wants to go to Orlando so she can party, so after changing, we get on the highway. We arrive in town, park, walk a few blocks (asking random people where they’re going). Finally, we end up at this spot called Limelight.

All I will say is that Tia and Karina had fun dancing. But if you’re a guy and hope to see decent looking women of any kind, don’t go there!

After that we went to IHOP, then made our way back to the room.

Next morning, as it was mentioned before the trip that we hit the pool before we left, we woke up early enough to do so. It’s already pretty hot, so the water felt good. Tia (the only swimmer of the 3 of us), did a few laps as Karina and I were happy to be in the water. The girls eventually got out to tan a little while I worked on my phone. Then they decided to walk around the pool area to take some pics of the resort.

Mission Inn was definitely a nice resort, shout to Bella Faire again for providing the room and putting together a great event. Tia received many favorable comments regarding the work she did, how she presented herself, her dress (from Ms Kippish) and how professional she was. It was definitely an experience she won’t forget.

The trip back to Fort Myers was not bad. I get some sleep, and then get dropped off for my second leg of my journey as I relocate to Miami. But I know in another week, I’ll be hooking up with Tia again in Atlanta for Bronner Brothers!

So two weeks pass and I’ve been in Miami for a week plus. I make arrangements to go to Fort Myers as Tia and I will be driving to Atlanta for Bronner Brothers. Sophisticates Black Hair Magazine booked her to work at their booth. If you didn’t know, Bronner Brothers is a twice a year event held in Atlanta and is the biggest hair/beauty show in the nation. All the major hair magazines, product companies, salons, barber shops and other entities related to the beauty industry are present, as well as hundreds of vendors.

This was Tia’s consecutive time being booked, which is rare because SBH doesn’t use the same people very often. Now around this time Tia also was preparing to start school again (financial aid is crazy sometimes) and just prior to us leaving found she had some car issues that she had to take care of, so there was some apprehension leading up to us leaving. Not going was not an option of course, and in the end, somehow things were going to work out.

We share the driving load and get there Friday afternoon. Checked in hotel, unpacked and rested for a bit. I found out what time Tia needed to be at the World Congress Center the next morning, then Tia went to visit some family. I began studying for my evaluation for a position at a law firm in Miami. Later, we chat about the weekend, the get some much needed rest.

Next morning we head out. Tia was hungry, so we go to Mcdonald’s. (Ok not hating on Mickey D’s, but all Tia wanted was a parfait with granola and for 3 consecutive days it was like they never heard of yogurt before. We had to wait 10 minutes one morning. And for the fact Tia was looking good as usual, you’d think they’d be standing at the door. Anyway, next year, please be ready for Tia!!!!)

I had errands to run, so I wasn’t going to stay at the WCC. I gave her a bunch of her business cards and some of mine so that she can do some networking before she starts working. I drop off Tia, then get what I need done. I setup a JET submission shoot for Tia while I’m out. Upon picking Tia up, she lets me know she was able to do a lot of networking and in fact, had been invited to an event that Nairobi Professional and Sheen Magazine were attending. Plus many came to her presenting themselves for potential work for her. She told me who said what and gave me their cards.

The next day, I accompany Tia on the main floor. I visit with Linda and Jennie from Sophisticates, then walk around for a few hours.

I met celebrity stylist Betrice Benbow who I’ve known for a long time and is a good friend. Celeb photographer Shawn Dowdell was there. I talked to some of the main vendors on the networking tip, then called it a day and waited for Tia to finish up. We get back to the hotel and after resting, I decide to take her out to eat as a reward for all of her hard work (especially cause she had some major feet issues, dad gum heels). Ruby Tuesday wasn’t that far, so that’s where I decide to go. We hit Virginia Ave, then I notice that I really don’t see a parking lot. Guess what, the Motel 6 parking lot doubled as the lot for Ruby Tuesday (bootleg). After laughing at that, we get inside. Looking at menu, Tia claims to be thinking healthy as she is looking over seafood and pasta dishes. Then we discover there is a burger menu. After drooling over it, she decides on Tilapia while of course I get the biggest burger with bacon and chedder, etc. But I also ordered asparagus just to prove I’m supporting her healthy eating. As we wait the waitress points out the desert menu, which we start staring at for like 10 minutes. Food arrives and we chow down. My burger was really good, so good that Tia decided she had to take a chomp. Her chedder mashed potatoes were REALLY good as was her tilapia. But what really stood out was the Blackberry tea I decided to try. That stuff will make you slap everybody, forget your mama.

Done with our dinner, came time to decide if we wanted to do desert or not. After reading the description of the tiramisu a million times, we decide to share it (which was good cause if we had got two it would’ve knocked us out). I won’t lie, that was one of the tastiest deserts I’ve had in a minute. Spoon hits the cake, and you can see rum dripping out. It was awesome!!

The last day is a half day of work for Tia, so we plan on doing the JET submission shoot I had scheduled after she was finished. We head over to Piedmont Park with Oupipee Studios (www.oupipestudios.tv). Mind you, it was blazing hot and Tia had been in heels all day and feet already injured. Arriving at the park, we had an issue looking for a place for her to change and use the bathroom. By time she gets into bathing suit and arrive at first shoot location, all I wanted to do was make sure we can get in and out as quickly as possible and yet get great shots to pick through.

Needless to say, despite pain and heat, Tia produced some amazing shots. Her body was in fine form and she picked a really nice swimsuit. She did her own makeup as well. Oupipee Studios did a great job of moving the shoot along.

After the last shot and looking at the pics in camera, I was satisfied, so we said farewell and got in the car. Tia said she was hungry and wanted a greasy hamburger and asked if there was a Checkers. Of course I obliged, she earned it. We get there and I told her I’ll have what you have, so we end up eating this triple bacon burger full of grease, cheese and onions. Enjoying the food outside in the shade, we chill for a bit, then get in car for the ride back to Florida.

As we pull out, Tia calls her financial aid. As I mentioned earlier, she was having some issues with them. To start her classes, everything was due Monday. After being paid from SBH and other options, she managed to get what she needed. But when she called, she was told that everything was taken care of, so now the money that she had was a surplus, and she was completely stress free.

Can’t say enough how proud I am of what Tia has managed to accomplish in a relatively short time. Despite having regular schedules working as well as attending classes, she finds ways to get things done. This choice she has made to be a proactive talent in the industry is important to her. Determined, nothing has stopped her yet, and I don’t see anything making her quit. She has experience now with hosting events, interviewing guests, radio host, trade show and product representation and of course modeling. Next for Tia will be to increase her visibility in the acting realm.

You can book Tia by emailing imtmworldwide@gmail.com. Give specifics of your budget, project, date and someone will get back to you. National companies are booking Tia, you should too!!!!

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