What is different from last year to this year? Tia knows that she is important.

You know how sometimes you just go through the motions? You go to work. You go to school. You get something to eat. You go to bed. And then you wake up and do it again. In the middle you sneak in going out to the club, go the beach.

It’s easy to become comfortable with a situation. Or sometimes you just get hypnotized that “this is how it is”. But once in awhile, something happens to where the cobwebs are removed and you realize “I can do more, and I deserve to do more”.

This is kinda what happened with Tia. Tia is very beautiful, and has been forever. But after she decided that the way she was going about things wasn’t working, she did something about it. And when she did, things started happening for her. Some where small accomplishments, some where big. Either way, she was moving forward.

Recently Tia attended a casting to be a part of a large motorcycle festival in Leesburg, Florida. The festival attracts bike owners from across the country and also worldwide. She turned out being the first one to be auditioned, (which is always difficult), but she showed the confidence she had in herself and ended up being selected. One of the coordinators told me she did very well and not many women of color audition, so she was happy about that.

Lately Tia has worked on different shows as a host, promoted for major magazines, and other viable projects. Tia isn’t going to go backwards, she is looking ahead to bigger and better.

Tia Guice is available for professional and paid projects involving television, film, commercials, event hosting, fashion, hair/beauty, trade shows, and swimwear. Click on “Booking” on the homepage to make your inquiry.

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