Persistance is crucial. when you really want it, you wont stop.

A few weeks ago, Christa went to the Miami casting call for The Real World. The next day she was invited to interview. The interview was on camera. Once finished, she was given a packet to fill out. She was told that everything that she needed to know about the next step of the process is in the packet (application, background check form, submission video instructions, etc).

A bit of time goes by, and I got a note from Christa saying that she didn’t have anything regarding video in her packet. That she sent everything else off, but wasn’t able to do the video yet, cause she didn’t know exactly what they wanted.

We tried getting in touch with the person she interviewed with, no luck. Went back and forth between MTV and Viacom was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Finally dawned on me to hit up the production company listed on her background check form. And after trying for a few days, finally got in touch with somebody that gave me the info we needed.

Many people would’ve been like, “Whatever”. And yes, there are no guarantees that we’ll see Christa on the next season of The Real World, but she wouldn’t have any chance at all if she didn’t finish out the process.

Today Christa is recording her video. She has been asked to forward more images of herself from the production company. If she does make it, it will because her personal story and personality shined through. People could learn much from Christa Graziano.

Christa is available for professional and paid opportunities pertaining to television, film, music videos, trade shows, event hosting, radio, hair & beauty and more. To book, email

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