Competition is nothing to Beatrice Jean, it’s your fault if you don’t select her

Beatrice Jean has so much going on. It’s not by accident. Hard work, dedication and the want to succeed has everything to do with it.

Recently Beatrice attended a casting for a swimsuit competition that will take place during a huge motorcycle festival in Leesburg, Fl. You never know who all will attend such castings, whether or not it’s organized, what people base their scores on, etc. All you can do is make sure you show up, make sure you’re prepared (in shape), and to be confident. Beatrice was all of this and more, and I’m proud to say she will be competing in a few weeks at that motorcycle festival. With over 200,000 planned attendance and media from different parts of the country and the world, it will be another big step in Beatrice Jean expanding her image.

Also, Beatrice was interviewed by Nicole Poetry (, which highlights the new people in the industry making moves.

Near the end of April, Beatrice will be in Atlanta to shoot the film “Check Mate”. This will be her first film project and she is very excited.

In a relatively short period of time, Beatrice has impressed the people that she has been able to work with. But others have at the same time, decided not to work with her. That doesn’t matter, because she knows that for every door that closes, others will open, and open bigger. And when that happens, RATES GO UP!!

Beatrice is available for professional and paid projects such as fashion shows, fashion shoots, commercials, television, film, trade shows, or hosting events. Click on “Booking” on the home page to make your inquiry.

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