What excuses will you continue to make? GiGi proves that you can do anything if you want to

As a teen GiGi was a 5’9 Jamaican with legs to die for and a natural loveliness that obviously drew attention to her. Modeling was something that she loved and enjoyed. Ten years and three children later, she decided to put herself out there again.

We all have difficulties in life. Some have bad work situations (or no work). Others have transportation hardships. Having kids and a family costs money and consumes time. Many are in school full or part-time. Financial, health, these also come up to slow you down.

But in the end, once you put yourself out there that you want to model, act, sing, dance, write or whatever, this means that you are willing to make sacrifices. It means you want people to see you, know about you, hear about you. It means when you lack the tools to present yourself, you are willing to get them. It also means when the tools you do have aren’t working, you will replace them.

Since the shoot, GiGi had a myriad of things happend that virtually stopped her modeling efforts. However, she didn’t stop talking about it. Didn’t stop staying in touch, giving updates on her situation. And the moment she was able to do something, her pictures from this shoot was used to submit her for a film opportunity. She was selected, made it to the project (she doesn’t have a vehicle) and now will have a reel of herself in a speaking role in a movie.

Take a look at “Behind The Scenes” and also a quick interview of GiGi in the videos. You’ll see her a lot in 2011.