HUGE sports weekend for the Falcons and Hawks

It hasn’t been often that both the Falcons and Hawks have been winning on a regular basis. Over the last three years however this is definitely the case. You have Falcons players going to Hawks games and Hawks players going to Falcons games. Saturday, both teams have something to play for.

The Falcons are playing to advance to the NFC Championship game, something they haven’t done since 98 when they made it to the Superbowl. Critics are evenly split about who will win, but the Falcons are at home, have beat Green Bay before, and I’m confident that barring mistakes will do it again.

The Hawks are playing for conference seeding. Depending on how other teams fare, the Hawks could be in second in the division and third in the Eastern Conference all by themselves. This despite countless injuries since the beginning of the season, dozens of different starting lineups, mega trades, etc.

Both teams look like they are built to win over the next decade. It is a great change of pace where in the past, it’s either one or the other that’s doing well. We haven’t seen consistent play from the Hawks since the Steve Smith/Mookie years and before that, the Nique 50 win teams. The Falcons have had three consecutive winning seasons for the first time in franchise history. Their defense has played better than it ever has, and on offense, probably have the best balance than any team in the league.

Now if the Braves can continue from last year, we will finally have all of our teams winning at the same time, even with the Thrashers kicking around to make the playoffs….

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