Big things come in Big packages

Stature, measurements, experience, home address, these do not define a person. Their self worth, believe in their own ability and the want to prove themselves does. Eventually, if you’re not wanting to tell people that you have talent, and then able to show people that you have talent, you’re wasting time.

Now sometimes you take things for granted. Yes, I do remember that Beatrice Jean said she was a cheerleader. But it wasn’t until I saw a video last night that I was able to “see” what she is capable of doing. So along with being bilingual, ability to take all genres of photos, you can now add “dancer” to her repertoire.

Take a look and get a new glimpse of the talent this young lady possess (and also why it’s important to be in shape all the time..) Over the last few months she has pushed hard on multiple websites and social networks to let people know who she is. Recently she enrolled in acting classes and just sent out her first set of head shots for major network television projects and films. 2011 will be a year of accomplishments for Beatrice Jean.

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