Walmart, All Night Long!

I haven’t been to Walmart in a long time, so when Jerika Lynn suggested I go with her to find some stuff she needed I said sure why not. Now from past experience in going with a girl to Walmart I already knew what I was getting into, but still…..

We get there and we begin to look for a few items. Walking past a few sections, there were a few stops before we found the first item. After reviewing several choices, we make it through the rest of the store grabbing the other items needed. But when it came to the final item, couldn’t find it. House wares, no. Home & Garden, notta (we were followed in there as if we were stealing stuff). Even went through sporting goods, no luck. And apparantly, not too many of the employees knew where to get it either.

Two and half hours later, we finally find what we were looking for. They were in the place you wouldn’t think to find them in the first place, as if they were hiding them. Meanwhile we know that there is a new cookie product called “Grips”, Pringles has
Dill Pickled flavored chips, we found the non-bootleg version of cheese puffs and found a lot of strange people to laugh at in the middle of the night. O, and why were they hiding Mcdonald’s all the way in the back???????

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