From gritty to pretty, Amaryllis is pushing to show range!

Sometime ago after her photo shoot in downtown Fort Myers, Amaryllis said she wanted to do something different. Something where she wouldn’t necessarily be “pretty”, but something that would make her have to show a different face. I know I need more athletic shots and I had some images that I wanted to be able to push towards athletically themed companies, so I made some suggestions to her. After setting it up, here is what happend….

We arrive at the court on a very warm Saturday morning. Amaryllis had a basketball, and some of the other stuff we’d need during the shoot.

Many of the shots were not going to be easy to get unless I had Amaryllis actually playing basketball, so, I had her play against me. Several shots of her dribbling, rebounding, shooting, playing defense against me and more were taken. Then I wanted to get other shots such as showing that she’s tired, but she can still play,

cooling off, etc. Here is some video off the drinking water shot

Just to show how I setup some of the shots, I took some video. Plus, I wanted Amaryllis to show off the jumper I helped her with earlier:)

It was a great day of shooting, and Jasmin again helped when I couldn’t think straight, reminding me of shots I could use, like the track shots we did. Not long after this shoot, Amaryllis had another shoot in which she had styling and make-up. You can now see the both the athletic side of her and the feminine side of Amaryllis, as shown in the first pic you see in the article. Amaryllis is making her dream of modeling a reality day by day!

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