To those currently subscribed to my website

First thanks. I’ts summer 2012 and wasn’t sure that this particular site would still be up. The majority of people really like the site, so I will wait to make changes.

To get to the point, please tell everybody that you know that claim to want to model, that they are aspiring to model, that they have started modeling and haven’t done anything about who I am and what I do. You’ve seen the articles on my site. You’ve seen examples of young women that are accomplishing goals and staying out of trouble. This takes effort and sacrifice on my part, and others who I secure to provide their services.

Take a look at “IMTM Workshop” on the homepage. Look at what each package offers. If you don’t have professional images, bio’s, resume’s, knowledge about the industry and direct assistance in submitting for opportunities, what is the problem of getting? What are you doing now that is better? That’s what you ask those that say they’re pursuing modeling “seriously”. If what they’ve been doing hasn’t been working, time for a change.

Have those that you know are interested to contact me either at or Skype at chris.royster13.

I have workshops setup in Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Charlotte and New York during the month of July. Don’t let this opportunity slip away.


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