Time to experience good karma, introducing Karma Jai

In life many try to live their lives the right way. To treat people right, respect individuals around them. In general, most do not try to be bad on purpose. Actions speak louder than words however. Thus the sayings “good karma” and “bad karma”. What about Karma Jai?

Military brat. Karma was born at Scott Air Force Base hospital in Belleville, Illinois. Moving around as typical with families in the service, she settled in Fort Walton beach for much of her early childhood. Then they moved back to Belleville for almost another decade before ending up in Georgia, where she now resides in Atlanta.

Karma was very fortunate to have a loving family around her. Four kids, mother, father, three dogs there was always something going on that was fun and brought everybody together. Family trips, game and movie nights, plus both parents made sure the children never had to ask for anything.

Talent runs deep in Karma’s family. Her parents had their own music studio, and at age five, she walked in, and after listening for a bit, she decided that recording music was something she wanted to go after. But first, she had to discover her voice. On her tenth birthday, Karma’s father decided to film a movie, starring Karma, during her birthday party. This sparked a love for the movie industry. Some years later she participated in her very first fashion show. The clothes she wore were beautiful, walking in front of an audience made her feel amazing and her confidence skyrocketed! A modeling agency in St. Louis signed her, she was taught how to walk, how to present herself in front of the camera, secured her headshots and more. Modeling bug was official after that.

Influencers that Karma looks to because of her pursuits include Beyonce, Teyana Taylor. Why? These are women that define what a triple threat is. To be able to be successful in more than one genre is difficult. So to see these women that she looks up to stand out in music, acting and modeling it means a great deal. It’s why she is so determined to continue to progress until her goals have been achieved.

Karma has worked very hard over the past year to create a good first impression with established film and television stars, casting directors, directors and other industry professionals in Atlanta. She has seen herself on a few projects so far and that keeps motivated to keep going. Because in the next five years she wants to be known as major female artist, touring the world. Being viewed on television and film as a lead actress, featured on magazine covers, commercials, billboards are other goals she is working on.

How does Karma keep herself grounded with such a busy schedule? Everybody is different when it comes to relaxing. Family will always be first and foremost a part of her life, and she takes advantage of them being in the same city. And besides hanging out with her friends, she winds down by working on her craft, especially writing music.

Now when asked about food, Karma didn’t get complicated about what her favorite is. Spaghetti! But not just anybody’s, only made by herself or her mother because of “the” special receipe. But if that isn’t available, she is a steak and potatoes girl. And yes, she works out on a regular basis to keep her shape slim and trim.

This Black and Korean beauty is eager to show why she is unique, why you should be a fan of hers, why she deserves opportunities. She has worked very hard and made sacrifices to get where she is. So don’t be surprised when next time you see or hear her, it will be a major mainstream project!!

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