The word “Ambition” truly defines who Ny is.


There used to be a time where everyone around you was ambitious. You were encouraged to be so. People believed in other people and “said it”. Individuals “supported” uniqueness, and those striving to be different.

It’s much different today. For the most part, people are content. We see it as films are rehashed over and over again, no original ideas. Music, television, clothing, everything sounds or looks exactly the same. Being original is almost a crime. So those that really have talent, they are forced to repress their creativity for the sake of establishing themselves. Or, they are pushed away from their dreams in earnest, convinced that it would be a waste of time and they have to do something more “guaranteed”.

Ny was not having none of this mentality. But before telling you what she is doing now, let’s find out her beginnings.

From the start, you could say odds were against Ny. Mothers know the panic that can occur when you hear the words “breeched baby”. Because of this, Ny’s mother had a c-section in the city of Rockledge, Florida.

Growing up in Rockledge was difficult. Much of the city was mired in crime and drugs. Raising three kids by herself, Ny’s mother eventually decided to move her kids to the suburbs, specifically Palm Bay, Florida. As a young girl Ny learned what perseverance meant, seeing her mom take care of all of their needs no matter what.  Because there was not much contact from other family members, the bond of her immediate family was very strong, and this helped in getting through any hard times.

Ny was a very active little girl. So going to the movies was an adventure. Always getting up, asking if the movie is over, looking for extra candy, etc. But one time, none of these things happened. Her grandmother took to her to the the movie, “Bring It On”. This was the movie that Ny sat down for. She watched it all the way through. Gabrielle Union was the first African American female actress that she saw on screen. Someone that looked like her. That was the moment Ny realized that acting would be a goal she could reach.

Over the years, Ny has grown in the expression of herself as a talent. Besides Gabrielle, other actresses she watches includes Regina Hall and Nia Long. Inspiration is a big part of progressing towards accomplishments.
That being said, Ny’s most important accomplishment is relocating to Atlanta, Ga. Tremendous sacrifices were made for this to happen. So much so, that her dreams were almost snatched away within a few weeks of her move. But she was able to overcome those obstacles and every day she moves closer to proving that her belief in herself was correct.
Over the next decade Ny sees herself as the owner of her own production company. If you didn’t know, she is also a screenwriter, and always can be seen putting pen to paper. She feels strongly about creating jobs for others that have talent, especially those don’t know how to get started.
When not acting, writing or modeling (yes, Ny is very photogenic), Ny is dedicated to keeping her body in shape. So besides exercising that includes eating healthy. For her, this means not eating red meat. But she loves chicken and seafood. Recently her boyfriend has her hooked on “his” special Macaroni & Cheese dish that includes lobster. We’ll take her word that it’s the best!
Ny is working to be an inspiration to those who felt that they did not deserve success, that felt it was not worth it to even “try” to chase dreams. She is just scratching the surface of her potential, so make sure you follow her and support her!!!!
Radio Interview on IMTM Worldwide Radio
Short Film, “The Bill”, written by Ny

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