Athletes, be the leader or stand aside for someone that will lead.


Jameis Winston has been suspended for 3 NFL games. The below video is Damion Woody’s take on the matter. This is my take on the situation.

“A pattern of behavior”. Hold people accountable. The only real deterrent for those who think they can do anything they want is to take away the privaledge of playing a game and get paid for it. Take steroids, ban them on the first offense. Assault a woman, ban them. Assault a man, ban them. And with assault yes, you would like to say let it go through legal process, but just fact there has to be a legal process, something happened. Why put franchise through that? Unless a player was defending themselves, ban them. Smart people don’t put themselves in situations were there is a possibility of violence. It’s possible, because there are thousands of players in 50 years in the major sports franches in the United States that have never been arrested, had a mugshot go on television, been in jail, went to trial…this is even more important that it’s the face of the franchise, the leader and it “keeps” happening. He had a “rape case” at Florida State. You want to give people benefit from doubt that they will learn from mistakes. I’ve heard that they may assign him a chaperone. This means he has no self control. Can’t be a leader like that. He has hurt his franchise and his teammates and not even talking about the games he is about to miss. Culture. In college you hear teams kick players off the team for “conduct unbecoming”. The larger programs always seem to have trouble with this with major players, and that is why this situation exists now. Both college and NFL need to sync up, one and done. Dare somebody to be caught with cocaine, hitting a woman, fighting at a bar you’re legally not supposed to be at. Sorry, there are rules, you signed the scholarship, signed the professional contract. Nobody deserves anything, you have to earn it.


Footage of Damion Woody on ESPN

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