Small town girl with grown woman dreams!! Learn about Ashleigh Moore.

There are thousands of stories of how someone from an unknown area of the country ends up being recognized on a world wide level. Julia Roberts comes to mind. Taylor Swift. Britney Spears. What makes an individual decide that they are not happy staying in the same place, content with life as they’ve always known it? For Ashleigh, it was something very simple.

She was born in a city called Kinston, North Carolina. It’s an old city, established in 1762 (originally named Kingston in honor of King George III). Over a period of 200 years the area was involved in the Civil War, saw growth in industries such as tobacco, cotton and lumber, even sports with the establishment of a minor league baseball team. But when the textile industry began to move overseas, the city was hit very hard, as factories began to close down.


This was the city Ashleigh was raised. And as a young lady, she had a pretty normal childhood. She had parents that cared for her and spent time with her. She had friends that she grew up with, had fun going to the beach, etc. But as she got older, Ashleigh began to notice a change in some of the people around her. The city did not have many job opportunities and some dealt with this in different ways. Some it was drugs, others it was crime. There were people who felt they had no way to change their futures. Ashleigh was determined not to let that happen to her.

As a young girl Ashleigh remembered how she enjoyed dancing and putting on different acting skits with her friends. So she decided that she wanted to pursue acting seriously. Confidence was not an issue, she is a self described “hoot” when it comes to humor and Ashleigh knew that her parents and boyfriend would support her. One of her favorite actresses served as an inspiration, Drew Barrymore, because of similar attitudes towards life as well as personality.

Coming to the realization that she has to go after her dreams despite never doing anything before is a huge accomplishment for her. Much of that was due to the aforementioned surroundings and attitudes. But also because of the possibilities of success. Over the next five years her goal is to establish herself as a actress to where she and her family will not have need to worry about anything anymore.

Ashleigh is a true country girl, always outside enjoying nature. But she also enjoys painting, or reading a good book. She cooks, and all types of pasta is her favorite food to make.
Will Ashleigh be the next talented person to come from a small town and make it big?? Only time will tell.
Find Ashleigh on Instagram under @ashie_mo.
Video interview after her first photoshoot.
Listen to her story at She is the first guest interviewed.

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