Age ain’t nothing but a number, and it’s never too late. Kimberly Raven can prove it.

Words are powerful. A few words can determine the future of an individual. What a person says to another can change someone for better or for worse. If it’s for the better, that’s great. But if it’s for the worse, many times that person does not recover. How does this apply to Kimberly Raven? Lets find out.
An original Grady Baby, Kimberly was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She grew up in Thomasville Heights. For those that live in Atlanta, the Starlight Drive-in is a landmark you’ve heard of. Do you remember the candy lady? Making mud pies? Playing dodge ball, hopscotch or swinging on swing sets? Kimberly had a great childhood, and made friends that to this day she is still cool with. Her family was always a work in progress, growing up with two brothers along with both parents.
Many young girls have seen a fashion show or beauty pageant and were inspired to try it for themselves. That’s what Kimberly wanted to do. But Kimberly was not the tallest girl, and people reminded her of it. Her skin was darker than most, and people reminded her of it. And although she really wanted to prove at that time that those things didn’t matter, what people said convinced her that maybe she should not “try”. This was when she was sixteen years old. Now in her fourties, Kimberly has decided to ignore what people say and pursue her dreams in modeling and acting.
Who are some of the women that Kimberly looks to for inspiration. She is a huge fan of Tyra Banks, Angela Basett, Taraji P. Henson. New school entertainer Teyanna Taylor and screen icon Dorothy Dandridge are others that she enjoys watching.
Not wanting to give herself a ceiling, besides pushing towards modeling and acting goals, she has also become an entrepreneur. Very recently she became the owner of BodyFlow Inc Massage Therapy. This was after taking the risk of leaving a great job with the county. But this was “her” aspiration, to be a business owner. So she did it. Choice is powerful.
What does Kimberly plan to do over the next few years. She wants to inspire others, so motivational speaking around the world is on the list. Landing roles on television and film projects. Eventually, Kimberly wants to open her own therapeutic alternative health & wellness center. Not only would this help people but also add more job opportunities in the community.
With the busy schedule, Kimberly takes the time to relax when she can, spending time with family and friends. She loves staying in shape, so she regulary works out. That doesn’t stop her from enjoying a good meal. Some of her favorites include all seafood, Italian and you know in Atlanta there are plenty of soul food restaurants and Kimberly visits a few of them. And like most, anything chocolate is her desert of choice.
Kimberly brings so much to the table as a new talent in the industry. She is determined, a tremendous work ethic and self belief in herself. Need more proof than you’ve already read? Below are a few examples. Make sure you follow her on Instagram @mzhollywood41.
Video after photoshoot
Radio interview (she is the second guest at the 1 hour 22 minute mark)

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