Time for Ralphy Boy to step onto the stage!

With art in his blood due to his father being a professional painter, as he would explain it, Ralphy Boy’s music is his way of drawing a picture with words. Born the son of Haitian parents in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn and although growing up in such an ill neighborhood Ralphy was able to expose himself to different environments and cultures which allowed him to pick up different talents and crafts such as sketching, photography but more importantly music. His choice was not only a way for him to be his own man and escape his father’s shadow but also as a way for this once shy young man to break out of his shell and express himself without any limitations.

Although, the inspiration has been a part of him throughout, it wasn’t until the sudden death of his father in 2008, when Ralphy decided to take his music career more seriously. The passion in this Brooklyn Hip Hopper’s high pitched voice in addition to his use of charismatic rhyme schemes, well crafted wordplay, relentless flow, head nodding instrumentals and catchy hooks gives listeners the feeling of the raw Hip Hop enthusiasts of this genre have grown to love and miss dearly. As a storyteller, Ralphy
gives you his life of love, pain, anger, happiness and being fly in such a way no artist can but that everyone can relate to. Within each song you learn something new about not only Ralphy Boy the artist but the man as well.

Ralphy has some of the mid 80’s showman’s ethos that permeated hip hop during that time. Evoking the spirit of old school legends like Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, Dana Dane & Kool Moe D, Ralphy is on a mission to make sure his audience has much as a good time as he does. In this world of hipster rap where looking cool often seems to trump moving the crowd, Ralphy’s audience first approach is refreshing to say the least.

After numerous leaks and music videos (including the crowd favorite “Get It”), Ralphy Boy independently released his first project entitled “Hear Me, Feel Me” on December 28, 2010 as a free digital download which was well received by the blogosphere.

“Hear Me, Feel Me” is the audio memoir of Ralphy, as he delves deep to bring his listeners an honest piece of artwork. The project is the story of a young man learning about himself with each life experience while dealing with conflicts such as love, heartbreak, empowerment, ignorance, lifestyle & religion. Reaching climactic highs, dramatic lows and taking unexpected turns, “Hear Me, Feel Me” is nothing short of a thrill ride. With many opportunities on the horizon in 2011, not to mention more music and videos Ralphy Boy is ready to set the world ablaze.

Visit www.itsralphybaby.com to get more about this soon to be recognized artist! For bookings email imtmworldwide@gmail.com.

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